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Building and Construction


Construction and Infrastructure

We make the complex simple

Each developer and contractor understands the importance of good foundations to ensure a project can be delivered on time and on budget.  The same applies to your legal needs for any construction or infrastructure project – whether it relates to the government, residential, commercial or renewable (wind/solar) sectors.  We have the experience and extensive skills to help you ‘get it right’ from the start.

The success of a construction or infrastructure project depends on clear and thorough documentation. That’s why you need a specialist construction and infrastructure lawyer. Our expert team will help you navigate this process, with our integrated approach to each project.

We start by exploring the project, gaining a complete understanding of the specific issues. We will identify where the major risks are and do everything we can to assist you in allocating and managing those risks, working with your team to understand the challenges and visiting the site where possible.

We will draft the required documentation, depending on the project and its specific needs.  This could be modification of a standard form contract or drafting a bespoke contract. We ensure that there is clear allocation of risks and responsibilities between the parties. We make the complex simple, providing documentation that is clear, consistent and easy to understand.

We add strength across every step of the project, from engaging consultants in the procurement process through to contract execution, contract administration, managing security of payment issues and other disputes.  Think of us as your in-house legal team – making you stronger.


With our significant and extensive experience, we can draft and help you manage (including disputes):

  • Construction only

  • Design and construct

  • Early works (including early contractor involvement and remediation)

  • Managing contractors

  • Construction management

  • Equipment procurement, installation and commissioning

  • Supply agreements

  • Minor works contracts

  • Consultancy agreements

  • Other related agreements


Property Development

Navigating the property development lifecycle

The property development lifecycle is a complex, multi-staged process.  We will work with you to successfully complete each stage, including:

  • Compliance with environmental and planning laws

  • Securing development approvals and navigating through the appeal process as necessary

  • Procurement and tender evaluations

  • Construction

  • Project and contract management

  • Security of payment

  • Commercial and employment advice

  • Dispute resolution


All these stages within the property development lifecycle influence the time taken to complete a project - and we know that time equals money.

We also have expertise in:

  • Preparation and negotiation of commercial and residential leases, and licenses, including access agreements

  • Lodging and defending caveats over land

  • Other property related disputes



Building blocks to success

Complex and technical legal issues apply to procurement in the construction and infrastructure sectors. It is also important to understand the legal and regulatory framework within which procurement takes place. In order to implement a best practice procurement process, you need the right advice.


We have in-depth expertise and experience in:

  • Advising on suitable procurement strategies for your project to succeed

  • Drafting and reviewing tender documentation

  • Reviewing tender evaluations

  • Providing general legal and commercial advice

Our help will ensure that your project is a success.

We have provided successful procurement advice in respect of:

  • Managing contractor arrangements for major projects (up to $370 million) in New South Wales

  • Construction of a $180 million rail project in Sydney


Project and Contract Management

Helping you keep on track

Challenges, friction and conflict in the management of a project are almost inevitable but they can lead to delays or additional costs and therefore need appropriate management. We will help keep your project moving swiftly with strategic project and contract management advice.

We take a two-pronged approach to keeping your project on track: prevention and solution. We will help you to identify potential issues, thereby protecting you before they arise and helping you solve them as quickly and efficiently as possible if they do.

We will ensure your entitlements are protected throughout the course of a project. In addition to providing strategic advice and drafting contract notices, we can also help up-skill your own staff to ensure the project is administered according to the specific demands of the contract.

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